Our focus is Apps

(Mostly for Technology but occasionally, for fun.)

For iPhones, iPad and Android tablets at very affordable prices.

Versions of these apps for PCs in Education Establishments are also available. (See our Pricing page for details.)

Of course, if you really like our style, we might be persuaded to create bespoke Apps for you - contact us.

Basic Electronics Stage 1

Basic Electronics is the start of an on-going series of tutorials and lessons in technology, written as Apps for iPad and Android Tablets.
(Now available for iPhones too!)
It is written in an easy style for anyone to be able to enjoy, targetted at the age range KS3 and upwards. But anyone interested can also learn from them.

Stage 1 covers:

  • simplified understanding of electricity
  • how circuits work
  • conductors, insulators
  • Charge, Current, Voltage and Resistance
  • principles of circuits
There are also interactive sections where you are able to play with the ideas of that which you are learning.

Available for: Tablet devices £1.49   (US$1.99) More details here
And for the iPhone (4, and up) £1.49   (US$1.99) More details here  

Basic Electronics Stage 2

This, the second "book" (or App if you prefer) in our series, takes the reader into the realm of simple power-supplies.

Stage 2 covers:

  • AC generation and power-transmission
  • Transformers
  • Simplified Oscilloscope, and Sinusoidal waveforms
  • Diodes to get DC from AC
  • Capacitors and smoothing a DC voltage
  • Putting it all together as a simple Wall-wart
The interactivity of this stage is focused on exploring waveforms with a unique pseudo oscilloscope.

Available for: Tablet devices £1.49   (US$1.99) More details here


In a similar vein to the classic Reversi/Othello piece flipping game, HexThello is a 2 player game providing a reasonable game for you against the computer, or even with a friend. Just for the fun of it it can even play itself!

Available for: Tablet devices £0.69   (US$0.99) More details here


Now you've spent all your money on our nice Goodies above, here' a freebie.
This little free App simply tells the time (and date) using hexagons as a clockface.

Available for: Tablet devices FREE
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