Basic Electronics Stage 1

Thomas Alva Edison, who developed the electric light, among many other things, once said:
"From his neck down a man is worth a couple of dollars a day, from his neck up he is worth anything that his brain can produce."

This short app aims to develop that part of you "from the neck up".

Basic Electronics is the start of an on-going series of tutorials and lessons in technology, written as Apps for iPad and Android Tablets.
It is written in an easy style for anyone to be able to enjoy, targetted at the age range KS3 and upwards.

Stage 1 covers:

  • simplified understanding of electricity
  • how circuits work
  • conductors, insulators
  • Charge, Current, Voltage and Resistance
  • principles of circuits

The complete app covers basic electricity before delving into electronics. Aimed at the total beginner, it is written in a friendly, almost chatty manner trying to impart fun into your learning.

In electronics we look at some simple components, then learn about circuits and how to draw circuit-diagrams. We use a multimeter to investigate voltages in a real, but simple, circuit
Then we make the circuit a little bit more complicated, measuring voltage-drops across two components, before looking at the variable-resistor. We finish by combining several resistors in-Series to make different values.

We have included some interactive circuit-simulators in which you try-out some ideas before twisting bits of wire together.
Also available for iPhones (Details here)
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