Basic Electronics Stage 1, iPhone-version

The content of this version for the iPhone is exactly the same as for the Tablet versions, but has been re-engineered specifically for the iPhone 4 (and later), taking advantage of the high-resolution 'retina' screen, despite its smaller size.

Please don't try the experiments while on public transport - your fellow passengers might object to being asked to "Just hold this soldering-iron for a minute."

It is written in an easy style for anyone to be able to enjoy, targetted at the age range KS3 and upwards. We do recommend that you have a good eyesight though, as the text can be a bit small on phones.

Stage 1 covers:

  • simplified understanding of electricity
  • how circuits work
  • conductors, insulators
  • Charge, Current, Voltage and Resistance
  • principles of circuits

The complete app covers basic electricity before delving into electronics. Aimed at the total beginner, it is written in a friendly, almost chatty manner trying to impart fun into your learning.

In electronics we look at some simple components, then learn about circuits and how to draw circuit-diagrams. We use a multimeter to investigate voltages in a real, but simple, circuit
Then we make the circuit a little bit more complicated, measuring voltage-drops across two components, before looking at the variable-resistor. We finish by combining several resistors in-Series to make different values.

We have included some interactive circuit-simulators in which you try-out some ideas before twisting bits of wire together.
Also available for Tablet devices (Details here)
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