Hexthello is a simple board game for 2 players. In the same style as the well known Reversi/Othello games where the players take it in turn to place a piece of their colour in a vacant location on the board. The difference is - the board places are hexagonal. This gives the game a different feel and some differences in strategy - parts of which are easier and other bits are not.

Hexhello can be played with you against the computer (it gives a reasonable game and does not cheat 1), you against another human (currently only on the same device) or even pit the computer against itself (strangely enough - the computer always wins this version!)

There are a couple of settings that can help the beginner player to get the hang of the game, but these can be turned off as soon as you are ready.

The game is ideal for a quick time waster if you play it fast-and-loose, or you can plan your strategy and think ahead to trap your opponent. The way you play is up to you.

Note: There are no in-app purchases or nag screen asking for reviews or anything else that might distract you from playing.
If you do have any comments (good or bad) then please let us and others know via the iTunes reviews. It you find a problem or have a suggestion then please contact us directly via the contact form on this site.
1We do not like games that have to cheat to win against a human player - if the computer player is not programmed well enough to win then it doesn't deserve to ;)

Here are a couple of images from the current version.
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